Lower Back Pain

Michael uses advanced techniques to treat the muscle spasms that are often at the root of chronic and acute LBP, including Dry Needling and Sports Medicine Acupuncture. Corrective exercises, when appropriate, will be given to keep the problem from returning. Get back on your game!

If you are in extreme pain, the first order of business is to lower the pain level to where you can rest comfortably. Gentle, painless acupuncture can have a profound and lasting effect on perception of pain. In the non-acute phase, treatment focuses on addressing issues that may have contributed to the onset of pain

Acupuncture will also stimulate your body's production of anti inflammatory enzymes and cells. It is one of humankind's oldest "biohacks"; acupuncture does not damage tissue, but the body still mounts a response. Your body's response is the true magic of acupuncture.

Low Back Pain (LBP) is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, and the prevalence is increasing. Michael has decades of experience caring for people suffering from LBP, using acupuncture, Chinese Massage Techniques (Tui Na),  heat, stretching, and more.